5 Tips for creating your own Fabulous Fall Photos!

October 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

5 tips for creating your own Fabulous Fall Photos!


There is something about fall that brings out the photographer in all of us.  As many moms are thinking about holiday cards and trying to capture those fall family traditions, I want to share some tips on making the most of this colorful season!


Include the environment

As you're taking photographs of your fall family outings, help to tell the story by leaving some space to include the environment in your photograph. The environment will help create scale to show your child's size and it will give extra details that help spark memories when your family looks back on the pictures in years to come! 


Take advantage of early sunsets

You might have heard before that the hour before sunset is golden hour for photography and is one of the best times for outdoor portraits. This is because the sun is closer to horizon and creates softer light with less harsh shadows. Take advantage of autumn's early sunsets and get some great shots before bedtime.


Pay attention to the details

Just like our Language Arts teachers always told us, the details are what make the story come alive!  Leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows--all these elements scream fall and help us remember where and when we took the photographs when we look back on them in years to come.  


Get playful with your wardrobe

You know that anytime you allow your child to leave the house in a costume, you are instantly promoted to supermom!  Why not invite your child to dress up in costume and go on an adventure?!  Walk around the neighborhood, a local park, downtown, wherever!  Your child's imagination will be sparked and you will invariably encounter some great photo ops as she gets into character.  


Get in the Picture

As you're out with your family celebrating fall traditions, don't forget to get in the picture! Moms are often uncomfortable in front of the camera but just remember photographs are not just for you, they create a record for your kids. To your kids, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Be present in their memories!


Enjoy this colorful season!  



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Oh, awesome and helpful tips for taking amazing photos in the fall season. Love them very much. I'm benefited from them.
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