Cathy Wilson Ramin Photography | About

I was 8 years old when I walked into a darkroom for the first time. Watching the school secretary's blurry portrait swim to the surface of the photographic paper, I was fairly certain I was witnessing magic--at that moment, I was hooked! 

In the years since, many lessons from my professional career have led me to opening my own photography business. Working for a prominent San Francisco photographer, I learned technical expertise with camera equipment and the art of creating a perfect print. In my time as a middle and high school teacher, I learned that kids can smell authenticity and will reward it with openness and trust. And from my own children I learned the value of simplicity and free play. I love witnessing the worlds that children create when given the space and freedom to get lost in play.  This is my inspiration.

Using a photojournalistic style, I capture the ordinary moments that make your life extraordinary. Losing my father to early onset Alzheimer's taught me that photographs have power.  They contain our memories and inform future generations of who we are.  When all is said and done, life is about connections.  I see my job as capturing these connections and creating a record so that future generations can witness the love from which they were created and the story that makes them who they are.  


1998- Graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Photography from Connecticut College
1998-2002: Worked as Studio Manager for a prominent San Francisco Photography Studio
2003-2011: Taught Art, Photography, Yearbook and Math in Sacramento City Unified School District
2013: Opened Cathy Wilson Ramin Photography

Lived happily ever after!!