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Day in the Life Sessions

They say that there are photographers who take photographs and those who make photographs.  I am definitely a taker.  What that means is that I don’t delight in staging.  I don’t create cutesy backdrops.  I don’t love posing my subjects.  What I love is discovering and recording the beauty in the everyday.  When it comes to family photography, I believe the most meaningful portraits are those that tell us about the personality of the people being photographed.  And I believe the best way to capture that personality is by recording daily life.

If you had a Saturday with no commitments, what would be your favorite way to spend the day with your family?  

We start your Day in the Life Session with just that question.  We'll pick a day when your family has space to be themselves and I simply become an observer documenting your time together.  No posing.  No forced smiles. Just authentic family moments captured in a timeless, natural way.  


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