Create a Collection

As a full service photographer, I want to ensure that my clients receive the perfect final product to show for our time together.  Because 'perfection' looks different to different people, I offer an extremely flexible Create A Collection option that allows you to build the just the right package for your needs. 














Simply follow these steps to create your collection:

Step 1:

Select your signature product:

A: Single Image or Multi-Image Wall art (16 x 20 or larger)  starting at $250


B: Print Collection starting at $320


Step 2:

Select your digital files:

A: All files Low-resolution (printable up to 8x10)- $450


B: All files Hi-resolution (printable up to 30x40) - $695


-Digital files are delivered via USB drive and are accompanied by an image box containing 4x6 prints of every image from your session.  

Additional items such as gift prints, photo cards, and select fine art pieces can be added to any Create a Collection order.  


A La Carte

Prints, products and digital files are also available a la carte.  For a complete product menu and price list, please contact Cathy.   



"But can't I just have the digital files?"

How many times have you told yourself, "I'm going to put together that scrapbook...wall collage...framed print for Grandma," only to find yourself months or years later with that item still on your to-do list and a boatload of guilt hanging over your head every time you think about it?  You're busy!  I consider it my duty to help my clients fulfill the potential of their images and ensure that the images that they commissioned don't get lost on a dusty hard drive.  I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my work and I have spent a good amount of time researching quality photo labs, seeking out the best products and investing in test prints so that I may help you make the most of these images.  From image creation to product selection to wall art installation, I will hold your hand through the entire process to ensure that your goals for the photographs will come to life within the budget you desire.  You will walk away with a finished product so that you can go back to doing what you really enjoy--making memories!