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Getting Real: Day in the Life Photography

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It starts with a question:



Maybe you answer 'baking together'. 

Maybe 'going on a hike'

Maybe it’s elaborate dramatic play complete with dress up.

Maybe it’s hitting your favorite playground. 

Maybe it’s playing soccer in the backyard.


Whatever you answer, that is how we begin to tell the story of your family.  From our initial conversation, I start to build a picture of your life.  We’ll talk about your family members, their personalities, their likes and dislikes.  We’ll narrow down your days into a favorite activity (or two…or three) that really define this time in the life of your family, and we’ll plan a session (or two…or three) around that. 


Now here’s the good part: once that decision is made, you are free to go back to enjoying your life! You carry on with your favorite activities and I show up to document the memories that you are already making as a family.  No coercing your children (or your husband—who can sometimes complain more than the children, amiright?!) into matching outfits.  No power struggles over posing.  No artificial smiles.  Just real, authentic moments with your real, human family.


In Day in the Life sessions, I utilize a photojournalistic style to document your family.  I’m a fly on the wall recording your interactions.  I see the connections made over play.  I see the laughter, the frustrations, the accomplishments, the love and I present it back to you in photographs.





After the session, I will come to you for the big reveal.  We will view the images together and I will sit by your side as we build the album, collage wall, or portfolio of your dreams.  Yes, I want you to print these images!  I have researched quality, archival products to offer my clients because I firmly believe that your children deserve this gift of family memories.


How many pictures of your children do you have on your phone right now?  

How many of them will your children ever see? 


I make it part of my service to make sure your children see these images by staying by your side until that photo album/ collage wall that's been on your to-do list for the last (fill-in-the-blank) years finally gets done!  I even have people to come install the collage wall for you!  

You see, that's my purpose as a family photographer.  These pictures are not for Facebook or Instagram (although there's nothing wrong with sharing them there, too).  These photographs are not meant to prove to the world that your family is perfect (no one's is).  These photographs are for your children and grandchildren to remember the good times you had as a family.  Pure and simple, I want your children to have this record of their time with you.

So that's it!  Your memories are captured for generations to come and you get to move on, guilt-free, to enjoy the next day in the life of your family.


Ready to start planning your Day in the Life session?

Contact Cathy now!









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